IRC Logger update

The IRC logger is working fine, but I wasn't happy with the dependence on muh - so I wrote my own little logger bot in python, based on irclib. Does work fine and does only what I want it to do - logging. I allways feel a bit queasy when IRC bots have command structures and stuff like that and I actually don't need any of those ...

So now the project is mostly complete - just use the django admin to add channels to your database, point the logger bot to some IRC host and see how it joins channels and starts logging.

Oh, there are still things to do - for example the bot needs to rescan the list of channels so it notices newly added channels and leaves deleted channels (and maybe I should add channel activation/deactivation so I can switch off channels for some time without losing the archives), but for now it just logs #django and for that it's good enough.

tags: Django, Programmierung, Python